Computer-Delivered IELTS is available in Canada!

For a long time now, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests have been paper-based to help candidates prove themselves eligible for Canadian immigration. However, following the growing demand of flexibility and the COVID-19 situation, the government of Canada not starts to offer more flexible option to the candidates.

Meet computer-delivered IELTS. This is the same IELTS exam that you know, but this time it’s available on computer, with multiple test sessions a day and fast results.

Better flexibility

As we already said, computer delivered IELTS test is the same as earlier, but it comes with the flexibility to allow the candidates to perform the test with the flexibility of location. With the computer delivered IELTS, you can type the answers directly on your computer screen. However, for the speaking test, candidates need to go for a face-to-face session in a private room with a professional IELTS Examiner. Candidates can opt to take the computer-based test at the different IELTS test centre.

Accepted by IRCC

The best part about opting for computer delivered IELTS is that the results are accepted by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and over 500 academic institutions across Canada.

There is a long list of the institutes that accept compeered delivered IELTS tests. Here is the list you can check.

The same level of accuracy in marking

For the concerned candidates having doubt about the marking system of computer based IELTS exam, it is 100% the same and reliable. This is the same IELTS test that you’d give on a computer and the marking system is the same.

Same format& faster results

Yes, the format of computer based IELTS exam is the same, with just one difference; listening test is performed on the papers. Unlike before when you got 10 minutes at the end of the test to transfer the answer from question paper to the sheet, with computer-based IELTS you will directly type your answer on the computer and you get only 2 minutes to check your answer and submit.

Test day in brief

On the day of IELTS test, you need to visit the selected IELTS center to take the test online. There is no need to be a computer expert for this. There will be a trained professional team available to help you with the entire process. For any kind of technical query, the support team will be there to help.