Candidates who seek to transfer their test date or cancel their registration must do so in writing to AOLCC Test Centers. All transfers and cancellations are subject to an administrative fee of $85.

How to apply for a Transfer or Cancellation

  1. Please download the IELTS request refund or test date transfer form  and fill it in.
  2. Return the form along with acceptable documentation* to the test centre by email (We do not accept transfer or cancellation requests over the phone)
  3. If you are cancelling within 14 days prior to the test, you must attach Supporting Documentation*to be considered for a Test Taker Exception (please see below)
  4. The Administrator will advise you within one week if your request has been approved.
  5. An administrative fee will apply according to the following Transfer / Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your IELTS test registration at any time before your test date by notifying your Test Centre. Refund terms depend upon when you cancel and whether exceptional circumstances apply.

  1. If you cancel your IELTS test registration more than 14 days before the test: 75% refund of total test fee
  2. If you cancel your IELTS test registration within 14 days but more than three days before the test: 50% refund of total test fee
  3. If you cancel your IELTS test registration Within three days of the test: no refund of test fee UNLESS you meet one of the Test Taker Exceptions or COVID-19 Exceptions below

Test Taker Exceptions

If you need to transfer or cancel your test due to exceptional circumstances, you may do so by notifying your test centre up to 5 days after the test and providing Supporting Documentation. Exceptional circumstances include:

  1. serious medical conditions which prevent you from attending or performing normally on test day
  2. bereavement, trauma or other forms of significant hardship
  3. military service

If your test centre approves your exception, you will receive a full refund less an administration fee of 25% of the test fee. If not, the standard Transfer / Cancellation Policy above will apply.

*Supporting Documentation

To be considered for a Test Taker Exception, please indicate your reason clearly on the form and also attach official evidence, such as a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, death certificate or military service notice letter. Supporting evidence must be received by your test centre no later than 5 days after the scheduled test date.

COVID-19 Exceptions

If you are unable to take your test due to COVID-19 symptoms or possible contact with someone who has tested positive, please contact your Test Centre as soon as possible. You will be given a free transfer to another test date.

If the Test Centre is forced to cancel your test for reasons due to, but not limited to, COVID-19 safety concerns, government pandemic restrictions or extreme weather conditions, you will be given the choice of:

  1. a free transfer to another test date
  2. a full refund

Transfer Conditions

Candidates who have been approved for a transfer must select a test date within the next three-month period and this will be approved by the Administrator depending on availability for the selected test date. Candidates who wish to transfer to a test date more than three months away should apply for a refund and then re-apply for the test.

You can also transfer your test to a future date if you apply at least 7 days before the test day and if you pay the administration fee ($85.00). It is not possible to postpone your test within 7 days to the test.

Transfer Fee


(Maximum 2MB)