Test availability

The world is dealing with COVID 19 pandemic and hence the Government of Canada has been taking required steps to ensure stop the spread of this deadly disease. While there has been a significant increase in IELTS registrations after the announcement of the new pathway to permanent residency by the government of Canada, there have been various guidelines implemented to ensure keeping the situation under control.

AOLLC  is working closely with the authorized IELTS test centers to ensure adding more sessions while avoiding the spread of COVID 19. The international students are suggested to keep themselves abreast with the latest news and test availability by using the ‘select province’ dropdown menu below.

IELTS FraudOn the Rise

As the world struggles with this tough time, we have noticed various people claiming to have been the victims of IELTS frauds. Many fraudulent would claim to provide IELTS tests in exchange for an additional fee. This is highly recommended to stay away from any kind of fake claims or shortcuts as many people are taking advantage of this difficult time.

Do not take any backdoor to apply for IELTS test, but you can simply apply for a test using our official website to avoid any kind of hassle. In case you receive a phone or text from any other agency, claiming to offer an alternative, it is recommended to report at ielts.security@britishcouncil.org.

Covid-19 IELTS FAQs

The British Council IELTS, to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, has identified some safety precautions that can be taken by its official partner test centres. The goal of these guidelines and precautions is to ensure the health and safety of all test takers and staff.Here are some commonly asked questions that can help with the situation.

How can I know if the IELTS test will be conducted?

The easiest way to ensure about the IELTS test being conducted is to connect with your test center directly. Although they will send updates about the test dates and everything else, but if you feel that you are missing on something, you can contact them either by email or by phone.

Can I attempt the IELTS test even after I have been affected by COVID-19?

If you have been affected or tested positive with COVID 19, it is your moral duty to stay at home and get proper treatment. This is the only way to stop this pandemic. Even if you have been in contact with someone who was tested positive for COVID, make sure to not attend the test.

How to check if my IELTS test center is safe for COVID?

You can connect with your IELTS test center to inform about the precautions being taken to avoid the spread of COVID 19. While many test centers are following the guidelines, it is always important to be double sure by knowing things in advance.

What precautions should I take after the test?

It is very important that you wear mask, carry your own sanitizer and avoid touching the surfaces without any reason. Once the IELTS test is over, you should leave the premise as soon as possible and avoid interacting with others.